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We work with each of our clients to offer them the best possible solution for their used cooking oil storage and collection requirements. Our purpose-built trucks are ideal for narrow and tight pick-ups, and are designed to service underground sites. We ensure our trucks and storage tanks are properly maintained, and our enhanced systems mean we can correctly time our collection visits, plus track each collection so you have proof of when a visit is made, and the amount of oil that is collected.

By joining our ever-growing customer base, you’ll solve your used cooking oil needs, and help us reduce the amount of used cooking oil that goes into landfill and our waterways.




From our simple-to-use “Tip-In” tank to our multi-user “Vacuum” tank with transfer “Caddy” system, our experts are on-hand to advise and install the best equipment for your needs. Our tanks are manufactured from 100% food grade stainless steel or recyclable plastic, depending on your requirements. Each with lockable wheels for securing the tank in place and a rigid stainless steel handle for safe and easy movability.

Tip-In Storage Tanks
Our Tip-In tanks are designed for small to medium clients who recycle up to 150 litres of cooking oil per week. The tank needs a suitable, clean and easily accessible area for installation.


  • A wide pouring filter on the top was developed to reduce the risk of spillage
  • Tanks can be fitted with heaters that require standard 10 amp at 240 volt power

Vacuum Tanks
Our Vacuum tanks are professionally designed and manufactured for clients with medium to high recycling demand, 150 + litre of cooking oil per week . They focus on the importance of mitigating WPS (previously OH&S) concerns when dealing with used cooking oil onsite. The smaller-sized, portable vacuum tanks can remove used cooking oil directly from the fryer without moving from the kitchen.


  • When combined with a “Caddy” transfer unit
  • WPS (Workplace Health & Safety, previously OH&S) signage

Tin Collection Services

The collection of Tins of Used Cooking Oil (20 litre tin/drum) is an unique service offered by Sydney Recycling Services. The service requires you the client to have a minimum of 8 tins at a time of collection. The tins must have no holes placed on the top of itself and a cap firmly fastened. This service is preformed on a regular schedule.