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About Us

Sydney Recycling Services has more than 30 years of experience in the cooking oil recycling industry. Through offering our customers a professional, innovative and environmentally friendly solution for the collection and storage of their used cooking oil, and a safer working environment for their staff, our business has been able to expand to what it is today.

Each year we collect millions of litres of otherwise useless and polluting waste oil and fats, thereby saving landfill and our waterways. By continually developing new and user-friendly oil removal systems and storage equipment, Sydney Recycling Services has become one of Australia’s largest privately owned companies in the collection of used cooking oil.

We are committed to being an industry leader within the environmental and sustainability arenas. We have long-term partnerships with local and state authorities, and work closely with Foodservice Industry Australia to develop our service to ensure our customers comply with all relevant regulations.



Mission Statement



By reducing the impact of used cooking oils on the environment and our community, Sydney Recycling Services strives to be the most successful, innovative customer relationship-oriented and environmentally friendly provider of recycling used cooking oil solutions to the foodservice and hospitality industries. Sydney Recycling Services is focused on being the leader in service provision for the storage and recycling of waste cooking oil via a dynamic business model that fosters innovation and a focus on sustainable, environmental and user-friendly solutions.